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Umrah Preparation and Travel Guide

As we know, Umrah is one of the most beloved acts of worships in the eyes of the Creator. Shortly after the Hajj season comes to an end, the season of Umrah opens up to the world to visit the blessed land of Arabia; and in particular the house of Allah (SWT) known as Masjid-Al-Haraam in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. As Muslims, we should make sacrifices from our lives in order to fulfill such a reward-filling task as much as we can in hopes that Allah (SWT) forgives our past sins and makes us pure believers and good-hearted people. understands that such sacrifices require great patience and perseverance in order to complete the beloved act of Umrah. That is why we are committed to providing Muslims who reside all across North America and the UK the proper information they need to know in order to be well-acquainted with the various tasks involved. As a leading Hajj and Umrah planning site, allows you to choose the appropriate Umrah plan which suits your needs for various options such as price, hotel ratings, length of trip, departure dates, and much more. Our Umrah Travel Guide will give you a clear idea of the different rituals which are performed throughout the journey; starting with the intention you make right from home. Feel free to browse this section thoroughly so that Allah (SWT) will increase you in knowledge of Umrah and reward you immensely, insha' Allah.

An Introduction to Umrah

The Virtues of Umrah

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